The Romance Necklace

The Romance Necklace


The Romance Necklace
The Romance Necklace
Color: Multi - 17322

details Inspired by a display of delightfully decadent petit fours while visiting a bakery in Paris, Holly came back to the design studio and created The Romance Necklace. A gorgeous piece of artful design that takes over 125 steps to create, The Romance Necklace is topped with embellishments of hand-cut medallions, sweet semi-precious gemstones, and rich, delectable colors. Signature handmade details and incomparable artisan craftsmanship make this piece a true delicacy, a keepsake to treasure always.

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    • Garnet, peridot, moonstone, amethyst, amber, mother of pearl, cape amethyst, pink moonstone and glass tourmaline
    • Gold filled
    • Sterling silver
    • Niobium
    • 14K gold filled box clasp
    • 16" long

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Behind the Design

Handcrafted since 1981.

la vie douce

During a visit to a delightful Parisian patisserie, Holly was instantly captivated by the rows and rows of dainty little cakes ~ petit fours (pronounced petty-for) ~ top lit and on display behind glass. She felt like she’d stepped into a jewelry boutique, each cake frosted with decadent glacé and dainty flowers, buttons of color that reminded her of jewels.

Over a cup of espresso, Holly sketched images of the sweet confections on a napkin, along with ideas for future designs. The result? Our Petit Four Earrings and Romance Necklace (after all, Paris is the most romantic city in the world!) ~ sweet ladylike accents and richly decadent details inspired by a most delicious memory!

a passion for craft

The artistic inspiration that fuels Holly Yashi’s unique designs is brought to its full expression through the skilled hands of our master artisans.

Our commitment to old-world craftsmanship combined with innovative and sustainable production techniques create stunning heirloom-quality pieces. Beading, coloring, linking, cutting and shaping, faceting, and wiring ~ each step of the jewelry creation process is done by hand, one piece at a time, right here in our Northern California studio.

Holly Yashi has specialized in one-of-a-kind designs since 1981. Every handmade piece has a story, and every piece can truly be called Jewelry as Art.