Silver Overlay

Holly Yashi’s silver overlay is a quality combination of a solid brass base finished with a layer of fine silver. We use silver overlay for most of the bigger cut-out silver pieces in our collections. It is extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Cleaning and Care

Tarnishing, or a darkening of the metal's surface, is more likely to occur when the silver is not used frequently. What a good excuse to keep wearing your favorite sterling silver Holly Yashi jewelry! To minimize tarnish, store your jewelry in a dry area. Wiping off your sterling silver jewelry after you wear it will get rid of any lotion, perfumes, or makeup that may have transferred from your skin, and will help to prevent tarnishing.

Should tarnishing occur, gently buff your jewelry with silver polish and a soft cloth or use a silver cleaning solution dip. Never use an abrasive material for cleaning.