Copper is the 25th most abundant element in the world. It is the oldest and most widely used metal in jewelry and has aged with us through time. Holly loves copper for its versatility, rich color, and unique palette.

One of copper’s most distinctive traits is its ability to change colors and deepen its warm glow over time. This process is embraced by Holly, and her designs are handcrafted to allow copper’s natural aging to occur and be glorified. If you notice your jewelry changing appearance on its own, do not be alarmed; it is only copper’s natural aging process occurring.

Cleaning and Care

In addition to being easy to wear, copper is also extremely easy to clean. In order to maintain copper’s radiance, prepare a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild soap. Then, dip a soft rag into the solution and wipe your copper clean. Rinse with clean water and dry gently with a soft cloth.

All of the unique designs created with copper jewelry at Holly Yashi have an added patina which gives the piece a vintage feel. Do not use any strong cleaning solutions or any polishing solutions because it will remove this special patina (but a little dish soap and water is OK).