Antiqued Metals

Brass was one of Holly's very first metals. After working with it for nearly thirty five years, Holly has introduced two new finishing treatments: “antiquing” and verdigris.

“Antiqued” Brass
“Antiqued” brass is a finish that gives the metal a rich bronze feel and allows you to add a vintage look to your wardrobe. Even if you missed out on Holly’s first designs three decades ago, you can still pretend that your new brass jewelry has matured with you since the early ‘80s because of its retro style.

Verdigris Brass
As it ages, brass naturally assumes a gorgeous patina that matures into a verdant green - what is referred to in the jewelry world as “verdigris.” At Holly Yashi, we’ve developed a way to speed up this natural process to deliver brass jewelry with a beautifully aged look. Distinct from “antiqued” brass, verdigris is a “living finish” which will change and evolve over time. Don’t despair if the verdigris finish comes off; it will eventually return. That is the magic of this finish. The patterns that emerge are a part of the natural aging process, and are what make your verdigris jewelry such a unique and personal adornment.

Cleaning and Care

We strongly recommend that you do not clean your “antiqued” or verdigris-finished brass jewelry. Instead, we encourage you to allow it to age naturally. Our verdigris finish has no lacquer or protective coating and is meant to richen and change with time and use. Any sort of abrasive cleaning will damage this unique finish. If it does come off for any reason, remember that it will return if left out in the open air. The earring ear wires may be cleaned with alcohol and a cotton ball.