Our Ear Wires

Every woman should have the opportunity to create her own magical moments with her favorite Holly Yashi jewelry, including those with skin allergies and sensitivity to certain metals. Holly Yashi ear wires are known for their non-reactive and wearable qualities because we use only the finest hypoallergenic and nickle-free materials.
For sensitive ears

If you have sensitive skin, you can shop all your Holly Yashi favorites with confidence. We designed our ear wires to be light weight and easy on the earlobe. We offer specialty niobium ear wires that are completely hypoallergenic and wearable for people with extreme metal allergies. Niobium is ideal for sensitive skin because it does not react to skin, and it doesn't corrode or break down. More good news is that all Holly Yashi ear wires, even ones not made of niobium, are nickel free and are made with hypoallergenic sterling silver, gold filled, or gold overlay.