Types of Earrings

Pick Your Perfect Pair

Earrings are an essential part of any jewelry wardrobe. Holly Yashi's collections include an expansive assortment of beautiful hoops, delicate drops, and elegant posts. Continue reading to discover the different types of earrings we offer so you can decide which ones belong in your collection.

drop earrings

Drop earrings fall below the earlobe, suspended from an ear wire and gently sway with your movements. Holly Yashi dangle earrings can range from one inch to three and a quarter inches.

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hoop earrings

Holly Yashi carries two types of hoops. One is a classic hoop made of one piece of metal which slides through the ear and connects to itself in the back. The designs on these hoops are best seen from the side. The other type hangs from an ear wire, similar to other dangle earrings. These hoops generally dangle facing forward so that the design is seen from the front.
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post earrings

Holly Yashi post earrings feature a single post of wire that sticks out of the back of the earring and is secured with an earring back behind the earlobe. Post earrings can come in the form of studs, which feature a single gem, pearl, or other design, or they can form a drop design with beads or chain that hang from the stud.
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lever back earrings

Lever back earrings have a hook that goes through the earlobe and is held in place by a hinged lever that is attached to the back of the earring. Single beads, crystals, gems, or a combination of materials hang from the lever back for an understated dangle, more subtle than a drop earring.
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