From Holly

Celebrating three decades

We were so young and naïve. It was 1981: I was the trained jewelry artist, the metalsmith who had been creating jewelry since junior high (stealing my dad’s fly tying supplies along the way), fresh out of college and working three jobs, while Paul “Yashi” Lubitz was the high energy guy that always had a ton of ideas for businesses he wanted to start but had never held a “real job” for any stretch of time. What we didn’t know then was, no matter how different we were, we had a purpose in this world together.

When Paul suggested we start a jewelry business I agreed. We transformed a one-car garage into our studio and started creating jewelry that was built on craft, creativity, and innovation. I had no idea that decision would change the whole course of my life, giving me the opportunity to create jewelry that would inspire and excite women around the world. I am forever humbled, motivated, and committed to keeping you, the collector, surprised and entertained by consistently providing you with something new, something never done or worn before.

We’ve come a long way from those garage days. While our northern California design studio is now fifteen thousand square feet, we still honor the craft of jewelry making, handcrafting our jewelry in small batches, preserving the value of each piece so it may live on for decades to come. Each piece has a story, each color combination a distinct choice. It is my life’s passion to take the beauty of the world we live in and transform it into the jewelry you see here.

But, the journey only begins with us. It is the way you wear your piece, creating your own magical moments along the way, that takes what I do and turns it into a part of your life. As Paul and I keep moving this company forward we remain forever grateful to everyone who has stood by us along this amazing journey.

Holly Hosterman,
Creative Director