Earth Day
Gets us Back to our Roots

Inspired by Nature, Committed to Sustainability

For us, every day is Earth Day at Holly Yashi. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and old-growth Redwood trees, we have an especially intimate relationship with our environment. This relationship drives our passion for creating beautiful jewelry that celebrates and reminds us of the gift of nature. It also strengthens our commitment to handmade, sustainable, and minimal waste processes.

For over thirty years, we've been making our jewelry one piece at a time with hand tools, people-powered machines, and pure ingenuity. With jewelry designed, made, and shipped from our studio in northern California, we put in a lot of effort so that we don't put out a lot of waste.

Artisanship as Stewardship

We make our jewelry by hand, one piece at a time. A pair of Holly Yashi earrings produces a smaller impact on the environment than mass-produced jewelry.
People-powered machines and hand tools make up 95% of our production work.
Absolutely no metal is wasted; it is either reused immediately or is melted down to be used later.
We design, make, and ship all our jewelry from our northern California studio. Because of this, we create very little pollution.

Processes to be Proud of

We use more natural light than we use light bulbs. Our double pane windows and skylights allow inspiration and natural California sunlight to shine into our studio.
Our signature colors and shapes are created using clean, chemical-free water. Almost every piece of jewelry undergoes this process, but we use only a few quarts of water that can last for months without being replaced.
Our studio-wide recycling system has reduced our “waste” into a very small percentage of truly non-recyclable and non-compostable items.
We partner with UPS, FedEx, and USPS, three of the top leaders in progressive mailing systems. Each company is highly invested in researching and applying alternative transportation, packaging, and reducing their carbon footprint.

Caring for our Community

Holly Yashi’s headquarters, Arcata, CA, is of one America’s most progressive alternative-energy savvy places. We work hard to keep our living and working environment positive, productive, and beautiful. We put in a lot of effort so that we don’t put out a lot of waste.

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We currently offer public tours Monday-Friday, free of charge, that last about 30 minutes. Your tour guide will give you a brief history of Holly Yashi and walk you through the design building while explaining the steps of our jewelry production.
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